H.T.H.     is a new and modern commercial and repairs company which dynamically  enters the new era of expanding markets with and aim to offer high quality services in the field of ships’ hydraulic systems of low and high pressure.With consequence, professionalism, technical expertise and long term experience; we provide complete solutions for the hydraulic and electrological electronic systems, a fact which guarantees the successful result against any technical malfunction.

 Our companys’ basic aim is the immediate and prompt response to the requirements of our worldwide customers thus creating a trustworthy and honest relationship.

H.T.H.     is providing an updated technical support concerning technological upgrading of the oil pressure systems. Also our company provides technical support to the old type vessels, always ready to recommend cost effective solutions. 

H.T.H.     has available a variety of hydraulic system spare for high, low and medium     pressure systems, as hydraulic motors and pumps, solenoid valves with electric or hydraulic controls, joysticks, hydraulic rotary groups, pressure instruments, oil coolers, filters and high pressure elastic pipes.

   Also our company has a complete range of spare parts for above mentioned.Readily available are also spares for the Framo Systems.  

H.T.H.     is able to construct high pressure hydraulic rotary groups, hydraulic cylinders   and of course whatever is required to be repaired.It is worth mentioning that H.T.H. specializes in the Hydraulic Cargo Ballast Valves and the Framo Systems of the Motor Tankers, as also in all kind of Cargo Control Console Systems (C.C.R)

                   Our company can fully respond in the field of Pitch Propellers

                         (Hydraulic/Electrical-electronic sector)